With the continued emphasis on preserving and enhancing our natural resources, private and public entities must be in tune with evolving regulations and permitting requirements. At Entrada, we help our clients proactively comply with complicated regulatory processes and provide our clients with the latest and best methods of documentation, remediation, and restoration. But, we also recognize that simply knowing the newest regulations and technology is not enough, and we strive to provide innovative, win-win solutions that are good for our clients, good for our communities, and good for the environment.

The success of our collaborative approach is seen in projects we have completed: wetlands that improve surface water quality; remediated urban sites that can now be safely redeveloped; restored habitats for rare, threatened, and endangered species; well fields that provide safe drinking water for our communities; and environmental regulatory compliance for our wide range of public and private clients.



Entrada can assist you with innovative and cost-effective solutions that balance economic resources with environmental challenges. Entrada is a small business enterprise dedicated to providing quality environmental services to our clients. A low overhead business structure, extensive environmental project management and consulting experience, and an entrepreneurial spirit, allow Entrada to provide exceptional service at very competitive rates. Entrada’s senior staff of environmental professionals brings quality problem-solving expertise to our clients.

Entrada was founded to provide environmental consulting, engineering, site assessment and remediation, and waste management services to a wide variety of clients. Our base of clients currently includes oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and processing industries, law firms, real estate property investment companies, and governmental entities. Each member of our staff has a proven history of successfully managed projects in these sectors.



We are professionals with a solution-oriented attitude. Our staff is fully trained in safety and environmental procedures, and all field activities are conducted in a safe and compliant manner. Each member of our team is committed to establishing strong client rapport and being responsive to specific project needs. Our people are senior individuals, educated in a broad spectrum of academic fields related to environmental sciences.

One of our key strengths is the geographic distribution of our three regional locations that allows us to effectively serve the entire Rocky Mountain Region. The following pages present a representative cross-section of the services that we provide including a summary of Entrada’s project experience.