Environmental Resources & Compliance

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We work with our clients to provide environmental services that help create not only technically, economically, and socially acceptable projects, but environmentally sustainable projects as well.

Oil & GAS

Helping our clients proactively comply with complicated regulatory processes


We live in a fossil-fuel-based economy in a constantly changing world. No matter what energy source, vast compliance issues and complex regulations create a maze from the local to the federal level. Entrada can help you maneuver this complicated path. 

Entrada offers innovative and cost-effective solutions that balance economic resources with environmental challenges. 

The environmental team at Entrada offers complete services to help clients through the entire lifespan of a project. Our staff members understand what you need to get a job completed—you need it done fast, and you need it done right. We have a long history of meeting these demands while providing exceptional service.  In addition, Entrada has strategic partnerships with local engineering firms to provide a full-service capabilities.



  • Sampling and Characterization of E&P Exempt Wastes and RCRA Hazardous Wastes
  • Procurement of Off-Site Transportation, Treatment, and Disposal Services
  • On-Site Waste Treatment
  • Waste Minimization
  • Evaluation of Off-Site Disposal
  • Risks/Liability


  • Remedial Systems for Soil, Groundwater, Surface Water, and Air
  • Air Emission and Groundwater Modeling


  • Subsurface Investigations - Drilling, Geoprobe® Testing, and Well Installation
  • Soil, Surface Water, Groundwater, Air, and Waste Sampling
  • Remedial System Construction and Operations and Maintenance


  • Phase I and II Site Assessments
  • Impacted Soil Removal/Disposal and On-Site Treatment
  • Pit Closures/Remediation
  • Sensitive Area Determinations
  • Wetlands Delineation and Planning
  • PCB Assessment and Remediation
  • Mercury, Chromium, and other Metals Assessment and Remediation
  • NORM Surveys
  • Groundwater Assessment and Remediation
  • Underground and Above ground Storage Tank Management
  • Hydrocarbon/Produced Water Impact Assessments
  • Asbestos Testing and Project Management


  • OSHA Compliance Audits and Training
  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Safety Management Systems Audits


  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Risk Assessment, Fate, and Transport Modeling
  • Procedural Manuals and Training, Including Environmental Health and Safety Compliance
  • Groundwater Use Development
  • SPCC Plan Preparation and Certification
  • SARA Title III Compliance
  • Stormwater Management and Permitting
  • NPDES and Hydrostatic Discharge Permitting
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Process Safety Management Plans
  • Geologic Hazard Evaluation and Mapping
  • Litigation Support
  • Community Outreach
  • Special/Conditional Use Permits





    • Agency Coordination
    • Permit Applications
    • Noise Analysis